Laigueglia, recognised as one of the “Most Beautiful Places in Italy,” is an ancient village, full of colour and splendid views as an amphitheatre to the sea. Very fine sand and shallow waters make it perfect for long days by the sea, while the alleyways, small squares and fragrant flowers accompany walks in the “carruggio” to the foot of the monumental church of San Matteo. The town of Alassio and the hill of Colla Micheri frame this jewel of great charm and beauty. 

Stroll through the beautiful Baia del Sole, breathe the fresh breeze coming in from the sea, and discover the beauty of Laigueglia, Alassio and the medieval settlements. 



Visit the budello, the beating heart of the town, filled with pastry stores, cafes and craft stores, not to mention the verdant gardens of Villa della Pergola, the "lovers' wall" and the Port Chapel.


Colla Micheri and the other medieval villages

Climbing up paths and mule tracks among olive trees and maritime pines, a half-hour walk takes you to the medieval village of Colla Micheri. Perched on the hill between Laigueglia and Andora, it retains the charm of this authentic hinterland. Not far away, imbued with that same spirit of authenticity is Cervo, another small treasure steeped in local and genuine beauty. Pastel-coloured houses clinging together, separated by tiny squares and many narrow alleyways that climb to the top, right up to the castle of Clasevana. A few kilometres further on in the direction of Sanremo, there is the village of Diano Castello, surrounded by its medieval walls and gates. It is all a journey of discovery, of churches, of late medieval houses and the lone


The open sea

We are located in a stretch of sea known as the "Cetacean Sanctuary," a perfect place to attempt a sighting of whales or to dive the varied seabed of the Ligurian Sea, suitable for every level of diving expertise. The Island of Gallinara, Cristo Redentore, Punta Sciusciaù and many others are ideal starting points, even if your preference is just for a swim, perhaps with a mask and fins, in the shallower waters along the coast.


A classic tour of the village of Laigueglia
focused on its historical and artistic heritage lasts about 3 hours.
To organise the visit, please contact the front desk.


We offer a whole series of activities so that you can get to know the area in authentic ways. By boat we recommend to everyone the tour to the island of Gallinara, and for those more familiar with the sea we suggest you book your place for whale watching. For those who would like to explore the local countryside there are walks and bicycle tours, with lots of different routes to choose from. Sports enthusiasts can book a round of golf at the nearby ….course or a game at the tennis court. We also organise wine tastings and gastronomy tours that include visits to the olive mill.

Water marching

Not just walking in water but a true sport that combines fun and exercise. A wonderful way to be in touch with the environment and keep active. Suitable for everyone.


The beach is definitely one of the most coveted settings for those who want to relax and find a moment to be with themselves. The sound of the waves and direct contact with the sand provide a deep connection with nature as a way to closer to the very essence of yoga.

Tennis and Padel

One of the most historic, ancient, and delightful tennis clubs is located right in Alassio itself. The club has a strong English atmosphere, framed by pine trees, roses, and bougainvillea around its seven tennis courts and three padel courts. Lessons can be arranged by federal instructors at any level, from beginners to competitive players.


The golf course of Garlend is located inland, between olive trees and pines. 18 hole course, a real paradise golfers and nature lovers.

E-bike tours and bike rentals

Among the hills and streams, villages and views of the countryside in a route of rare beauty, where the turning of the pedals sets just the right pace to be able to fully savour each trip. Routes vary in difficulty and length, to be discovered independently or in peace and safety with an experienced guide.


Olive oil tasting and a visit to the oil mill. Expertise, passion and dedication make Liguria’s own green gold quite unique. The oil mill is a family place where you can meet, talk and taste genuine local products for an unforgettable experience.

Wine tasting. Viticulture in Liguria certainly cannot be described as a simple task, where steep slopes and challenging paths have meant the work of the vineyards has oft been described as “heroic”. Perhaps it is just this that makes the wines of this land special. We would like to lead your through the vineyards to show you their beauty, with their scents and colours, and let you taste the fruit of the skilled work as handed down from generations to generation.